Class Descriptions

Puppy Kindergarten: For pups from the ages of 8weeks to 4 months of age. Socialization is the key element in a young growing pup. Manners, obedience commands, behavior a must for all pups.

People (Good) Manners and 4 on the floor: puppies continuing on from Puppy Kindergarten, toning up on people skills and manners for a well socialized pup.

Puppy Agility: For pups 4 months and up. Get to know all the equipment, run mini courses, use the knowledge gained from puppy kindergarten.

Basic Obedience: Attention Skills, a Hallmark for commands, Sit, down, come, stay walking on a leash, building a solid bond for you and your pet.

Advanced Obedience: Working on Basic Obedience skills amongst distractions, Introduction to walking off leash.

Beginning Agility Level # 1: Learn all of Agility Equipment,gaining confidence on the equipment , running courses.

Beginning Agility Level # 2: Building a more solid relationship with you and your dog, using your body language, increasing your skill level running more difficult courses.

Intermediate Agility: Grounding down your skills, getting ready to compete.

Open Agility: Dog and Handler have become a Great Pair, are ready to compete if they want too.

Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Class:  Getting your dog prepapred to become a Good Citizen and Therapy dog, testing done at the end of the course. Prepare  your dogto do hospital visits, reading programs, etc….

Trick Class:  Fun for everyone, learn tricks to entertain when visiting doing therapy work, or just having fun with your dog.

Typical Puppy Kindergarten Class:

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