Meet Dr. Karen

I am, a life-long resident of the Hudson Valley area, after retiring from veterinarian medicine, I opened my own canine training facility near to my home in Dutchess County: Doc’s K9 Obedience, Behavior and Agility Training Center, with locations in Kingston and Red Hook, New York.

In addition to teaching over twenty structured behavior, obedience, and agility classes per week, I also work intensively with the Canine Good Citizens Program and hold numerous private lessons throughout the Hudson Valley and surrounding area in canine behavior modification, interactive free-style dance, canine therapy, and the rehabilitation of rescue animals. In addition to my diverse class and appointment schedule, I am also on staff at Ulster Community College, teaching courses in Animal Behavior.

“My pets were always a key part of my life. At the age of 12, when I was severely injured after being hit by a drunk driver, the study of Animal Behavior became an important aspect of my life and my education. Despite my difficult injuries, I was immediately aware of the fact that my pets were nonjudgmental, and actually changed all their behaviors intuitively, to compensate for the effects of my personal tragedy. At this young age, I realized that when I simply silenced myself, and listened quietly, I could whisper to my animals, and they would whisper too.

Because I benefited from my pets and their ability to aid me back to good health and well being, I realized that I had to give something back to them, and chose the path to become a Veterinarian. Veterinary Medicine was a very rewarding career; however, following the passing of very significant people in my life, and in my medical practice, I made the decision to retire from Veterinary care, and open Doc’s K9 Center.

As an Animal Behavior Specialist, I am affiliated with many areas of professional study: animal behavior, obedience, agility, safety, private consultations, therapy, and rescue rehabilitation. I am also very personally committed to rescue work. All of my own dogs are rescues, and all of them work with me on a daily basis in classes and consultations.

My biggest goal is to educate the public that dogs are social creatures that we have domesticated into our homes, lives, and family; however,
we must remember that they are 4-legged and not 2-legged, and their social structure differs from that of human social structure. I firmly
believe that animals give us so much – and are so often taken for granted. We have an obligation to learn from their love, and flourish
from their devotion. People who have no place for an animal in their heart have not found truly unconditional love.�

My training classes provide you with a sense of dog savvy and the knowledge to build a strong everlasting bond between you and your pet.

My staff consists of all of rescue dogs who have become an important part in the development of socialization skills amongst dogs.

My human staff are multiple trainers of all agility levels, from basic fun agility with you, and your dog, to competition level. Once we have decided to get a puppy or an older dog it is our responsibility as pet owners to provide them with a strong background of obedience, proper behavior, and socialization.

We must remember that an obedient dog who is well socialized is accepted and loved by all.

Dr. Karen