Meet The Staff

These are all rescues.

Meet Gerdy Wendolyn. Keeper of The Lost Boys.

Born May 6, 2022

Let her spirit and light guide and keep her boys safe!

Thumper: A Collective Old Soul

4-Year-Old Mini Golden Goodle Rescue – Born April 2018

Had a very rough start with a dislocated elbow needed surgical open reduction.

He is a loving cheerful boy who loves life no matter what is thrown at him!

Rufio: A curious, courageous, smart, risk taking boy

4-Year-Old Mini Golden Doodle – Born June 2018
The lost boy who found his way to home!

Turk:  The Wandering Turd

3-Year-Old – Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – Born May 2019
Tough Nut
Turk Had a Spinal Stroke at the age of 10 months on April 2nd, 2020, paralyzed for 4 months, worked on him for one year to get him back to walking. he now can walk and run.

Banks:  My Elfin

3-Year-Old Dwarf Mini Golden Doodle – Born November 2018

Hopper:  A Miracle with Green Eyes

Born July 13, 2021

These staff members have passed over the rainbow bridge:

No Longer Physically Present but I feel you and know you are watching over us. We grew & loved together, and will be with each other forever! We shall meet again, Love & Miss you.

Ellis: The Survivor
14 Year Old Golden Retriever

Ellis came to me at the age of 2 weeks old. He was the tiniest out of the litter, refused to suckle, and only weighed 1.3lbs. Diagnosed with SubAortic Stenosis, was suppose to die around the age of 2 years. Miracles do happen! This dog is human!

Ellis has taught me to be nonjudgmental, keep an open mind, and a open heart. This is the true art of survival!

In Loving Memory May 28, 1999 – May 31, 2013
When your eyes opened I was there, when your eyes closed 14 years later I was there, we will be together forever, I will wait for your return. You have been and always will be my dog-son
Love you, Mom

Cha Cha: The Luminous Spirit
July 2022

14-Year-Old Whoodle

Meet Cha Cha Catori (Spirit) – Born September 2007
Saved from a Puppy Mill in Kansas. She just joined our family on Feb. 28, 2008.

She has left this earth to be at peace leaving a legacy of puppies she has mentored throughout the years, teaching them adult manners with so ever a gentle touch.  Born to be a masterful teacher.  Fly free, till we meet again

Jack: The Labrasaurus
14 Year Old Yellow Lab

Jack came to me as the last hope of saving him, at 3 1/2 months he was a fear aggressive bitter, destined to be euthanized. At 1 year of age this dog is a “Star”! He has no more aggression problems, he excels in obedience, agility, and freestyle dancing. He has a tremendous zest for life and people!

Jack has taught me to conquer my fears, get over it, and the world is yours!

In Loving Memory February 26 2003 – April 7 2018
15 years you laid by my side, each night providing us comfort with one another. We conquered fears together, learned from each other but most of all we loved one another. Sending you all my love, waiting for when we meet again! My Labrasaurus!!!!!!

Orso: The Whimsical Companion
11 Year Old Chollie

Meet Orso, Born December 16, 2006, saved from a kill shelter in Georgia, he is a Teddy Bear with attitude, smart, quick to learn, with a big appetite for love, and learning!

Orso is beginning to teach me to enjoy life, slow down, increase my social outings, cherish friends, have fun, and cuddle more.

In Loving Memory: December 12, 2006 – June 5, 2018
Orso you challenged me, but you taught me. I lost the battle of protecting you at the end. My life has changed forever and you made that happen. Run free with all the others. Love you and miss you my son!

Lauralie: The Diva
10 Year Old Golden Retriever

Lauralie spent her first 5 years in a breeders kennel. Socialized with only one other dog. She had a hard time at first meeting new dogs, but she has no issues now at all, in fact she raised and mentored Jack!

Diva has taught me to love freely, even if love is not returned, do not miss the chance to express it.

In Loving Memory: November 21, 1998 – November 20, 2008
An angel of Golden threads walked this earth with me. Her wings laid quietly by her side. Her love touched many hearts and souls. Our time was short but the love we shared will never wither Her wings opened and she was gone forever She will be forever in my heart, body, and soul. My Diva.

Butchie: The Carpet
11 Year Old Chow-Chow

Spent his first 6 months as a boarder in our clinic, socialized everyday with clients, other dogs, and cats. The owner finally let me take him home for good! Best therapy chow around!

Butchie has taught me to be silent, observe, and listen, the true essence of leadership.

In Loving Memory May 22, 1996-August 24, 2007
Before, I went to bed last night, I knew in my heart it would be the last time that Butchie would watch over me. His honor and love for me was incredible, a deep emotional silent bond. He came into the bedroom and positioned himself by the door for the last time. He died in my arms on the grass, as the sun rose, a last gift of love he has given me. He is now at peace with all his friends, and will wait for me to join him again. He will forever walk at my side, even though his physical presence is gone. He is running free now, with all my love with him.