The Power Of Paw Therapy

We’re Proud to Announce
September 2018
Sandy and Palmer’s Achievements

One of our own Doc’s K9 Center students

She is a 3 year old lab, certified Therapy Dog with TDI (Therapy Dogs International)

She has been doing Therapy work in two Nursing Homes and at the Albany Airport for two years.

She qualified with HOPE, a National Origination, in June 2018 to provide Animal-Assisted Crisis Response.

She was invited by the Office of the Medical Examiner of New York City to participate with other Hope Teams, at the World Trade Center Events on 9/11/2018.

She was at Ground Zero at the Reflection Pools and the Museum to provide comfort and support to the families of the 9/11 Victims and the First Responders.

Thank you Sandy and Palmer for the comfort and love you give to those in need.

Many never take the time to notice the healing powers that dogs have to offer in their own unique way. When a dog enters a room they have the opportunity to change moods, attitudes, opinions, and the overall well being of individuals. Many dogs need not do anything but be present in a room and magic happens. People speak to dogs through their body language and animals have learned how to interpret what they are saying to them, even if there are never any words muttered.

Once the Dog hunted with man, now the Dog Heals with Man, They will walk beside us, always!

Have you ever considered that you and your dog might have something to give back to others that they do not have, when they need a reminder that someone cares. Your dog offering his or her paw to someone, who is sick in the hospital or in a nursing home, will help the person to feel a healing power when petting a dog. Your dog lying down among a group of children that are reading, will give them the courage to express themselves and read the book aloud.

What makes a Good Therapy Dog?

A dog that has been properly socialized, calm, gentle, and receptive to training. A dog that is friendly, non-aggressive, and confident in new surroundings and new situations. A social dog that is friendly with children and people of all ages, sizes, and color. The dog that, also, gets along with other animals.

The most important is their ability to work with new people and respond to their needs. All breeds and sizes of dogs are eligible; Certain ages are accepted for certain foundations.

What makes a Good Therapy Dog Team?

Understanding your dog and realizing what type of Therapy Work would be best for you and your dog. There are a number of different venues to consider: reading groups with youths, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, youth groups. Be aware of the things your dog is attracted to and the things that he is least attractive to. Some dogs favor children over older people or vice o versa. But you need to be conscious of how your dog particularly reacts to others.

Dedication of the handler, putting the dog through basic training and Therapy Dog Classes and Certification is the winning combo for a Great Dog Handler Therapy Team.

Doc’s K9 Center offers Therapy Classes and testing certification with Therapy Dogs International.

Here are some Teams that have gone through Obedience and Therapy Classes and are certified with Therapy Dogs International.

Remember even if you cannot Pay Forward through monetary means you can Pay Forward through the Love that your Dog will give to someone in need.

Dr. Karen